Commercial Restaurant Refrigeration

Keep Food Fresh with a Commercial Fridge.

Whether you are running a kitchen, supermarket, or a large office pantry, a commercial fridge can be a cost-effective method of keeping your food fresh. With larger capacities and more powerful compressors than their household counterparts commercial fridges are a practical addition to your commercial operations. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your next commercial fridge on eBay.

Which features are common in commercial fridges?

To keep your stock fresh and in a useable condition there are technical features like defrosters and UV lamps. To protect your office, workshop, or store the fridges may include design features that cause minimal damage to their environment. Here is a brief list of their main features:

  • Energy saving glass doors layers with insulation help keep energy costs low by letting less cool air leak out.
  • Dew-prevention and defrosting heaters help prevent the internal temperature from rising and gets rid of condensation on the outside of the fridge.
  • Resin or plastic legs that are resistant to rust so it doesn’t damage your floor or inherit rust from other equipment.
  • Glossy finish on shelves and racks so spills are easy to clean off under a tap.
Are the fridges suitable for non-food items?

Yes. There are specialist fridges designed to store plants and flowers in optimal conditions for sale. Plant fridges usually have flexible shelves that can be added or removed in accordance with the height of your plants. When choosing a fridge for your plants, make sure the glass is multilayered with protection from harmful UV and infrared rays to keep them fresh for longer. Some models are also able to regulate plant water temperature for maximum preservation of freshness, though these models may be slightly more expensive.

How many types of commercial fridges are there?

Depending on what you want to put into the fridge, you might want to consider different models. There are specialist fridges for flowers and plants that can regulate water temperature and block out harmful light. Wine lovers may want to look at wine chillers for their favourite collection of wine so it doesn’t denature in room temperature.Supermarkets and stores may consider showcase counters or flat-type open fridges for storage of food sold to customers, although enclosed fridges will be more efficient than open ones. Kitchens might use glass door fridges so it is easy to see where ingredients are placed for easy access.