Commercial Sinks

You Need Commercial Sinks That Work Hard

When you have a business that prepares food, then you want commercial kitchen sinks that can do the job. It is important to have sinks that you can use for food preparation, washing dishes, and food disposal. You need industrial sinks and not sinks for residential use. When you know your requirements, then you can find used and inexpensive sinks for sale easily.

Basic types of commercial sinks

There are different types of commercial sinks that you can choose, depending on your needs and the size of your kitchen area. These are the types of commercial sinks that you should consider:

  • One-compartment sink - These sinks are the most basic and are great for small spaces. They are best used for small washups and for washing vegetables. These small sinks are perfect for mobile vans that need a catering sink.
  • Two-compartment sink - A commercial double sink is small enough to fit into small spaces but large enough to offer two different sizes of compartments. This size sink is great for snack bars and concession stands.
  • Three-compartment sink - These large sinks are the perfect size for a commercial kitchen. You can keep your cleaning processes separate, and multiple people can use them at the same time. These sinks are good for washing, rinsing, and sanitising.
  • Four-compartment sink - These are very large sinks that will take up a lot of your wall space. These sinks are used for scraping, rinsing, washing, and sanitising. Sinks this large are best used in institutional settings like hospitals and schools.
  • Prep sink - A prep sink keeps food clean and safe. It prevents cross-contamination and helps isolate the food from the dishes. You should understand your needs in order to know what size to get for your prep sink.
  • Hand sink - The hand sink needs to be accessible for your line cooks, cooks, and other food preparers at all times. A convenient hand sink encourages hand-washing. Depending on the local health codes, you may need a splash guard adjacent to the sink.
What grades of metal are commercial sinks?

All commercial sinks are stainless steel sink units but are made of different grades. 430 stainless steel is standard for commercial stainless steel sinks and is used for all kinds of equipment but can eventually rust. 304 stainless steel is used in wet and moist areas and is a heavy-duty material.

Decide what gauge steel you will need

New commercial sinks are manufactured with various gauges of steel. The gauge measures the steels thickness. The common gauges for compartment sinks are 18-gauge, 16-gauge, and 14-gauge. 18-gauge is thin and sufficient for soft water areas. 16-gauge is a medium thickness and features strong leg supports. 14-gauge is thick and is very strong and durable.