Commercial Stainless Steel Sink

Choosing a Stainless Steel Catering Sink That Will Help Your Kitchen Run Smoothly

Choosing the right stainless steel catering sink is critical to ensuring that your commercial kitchen runs smoothly. eBay has a good number of cheap stainless steel catering sinks available, and the selection can be a bit confusing. Check out below to figure out what features you should be looking into when selecting your stainless steel catering sink.

What is a full-size compartment sink?

A compartment sink is one of the most important pieces in a catering company or restaurant kitchen. Its the place where you handle food prep, hand washing, and everything else necessary to keep your kitchen running safely and smoothly. A full-size compartment sink is the most popular type of commercial sink in restaurants and catering establishments.

Do you need to choose a catering sink with a drainboard?

If you dont buy a catering sink already equipped with a drainboard, you need to make sure that a drainboard is nearby. A drainboard is an extension of your sink counter that provides a space for you to store dishes that have been recently cleaned. The drainboard also helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mould near and around the sink, and it makes it easy to wipe up water. Drainboards are a requirement in commercial kitchens, so make sure that you get one if you don’t buy a catering sink with one already attached.

Why should you consider a three-compartment catering sink?

This sink layout is really popular in commercial kitchens because its easy and intuitive to use. Other reasons to use it include the following:

  • A three-compartment, stainless steel catering sink is an amazing addition to a commercial kitchen because it allows you to easily wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes in the same area.
  • Since youre keeping each step of the process separate, youre helping ensure that dishes, pots, and pans don’t become contaminated.
  • The layout is also large enough to hold all sorts and sizes of cookware and dishware.
  • The all-in-one layout helps maintain a small footprint in the kitchen, making it ideal for kitchens with limited space.
What types of stainless steel make up stainless steel catering sinks?

There are different levels of stainless steel, and each one differs slightly according to effectiveness. Type 430 stainless steel is used for kitchen-grade sinks, appliances, and utensils, and it has decent corrosive resistance in environments that are mildly corrosive. Type 304 stainless steel is even stronger than 430, and it has additional rust and corrosion resistance. These traits make it ideal for use in extremely busy kitchens or environments that tend to get extremely moist or humid during use.