Prepare the Ground With Plate Compactors for Asphalt and Soil

If you have asphalt, dirt, or other surfaces that need to be tamped, you need a wacker plate. At eBay, you may choose from the smallest models for a few paving stones or larger models for an asphalt drive. A sturdy wacker plate compactor prepares the surface for any project.

Cut costs with a used wacker plate for sale

A plate compactor is a sturdy piece of equipment that’s made for long wear. It’s also true that many used compactors are coming off of lease agreements, and they’ve been very well maintained. If you can find a used machine for sale with the features you want, it’s worth a look. You could see quite a cost savings.

Should you get a compactor that’s powered by battery or petrol?

There’s really no choice if you’re going to use the machine indoors. A battery-powered wacker plate produces no emissions. This is also the only choice if you’re working in a city environment that has regulations about the emission levels allowed.

If you’re going to use the machine exclusively in an outdoor, unregulated area, petrol power is an option. You’ll also want this type if you’re doing very heavy-duty work.

Do you need single-direction or reversible plates?

Unless you’re doing heavy, professional jobs, a sturdy, single-direction plate should suit. This type is available in a wide range of sizes and power levels, and it’s effective for most compacting needs.

A more expensive wacker plate compactor with reversible plates is ideal for jobs where the surface needs a heavy hand. It can move back and forth over the same spot repeatedly, pounding it solidly. This reduces the number of trips you have to make over the ground.

Wacker plate features to consider

The following list of features includes choices you’ll have to make and “nice-to-have” features that are optional:

  • Size of compactor - A small, inexpensive plate compactor fits into tight spaces. A larger machine handles heavy jobs, but it's harder to transport.
  • Size of plate - Some full-featured plate compactor models have extension plates that allow them to cover a wider area.
  • Anti-vibration handles - These are standard on many wacker plates, but they’re important enough to check for.
  • Adjustable force - This allows you to vary the force to suit different surfaces.
  • Water sprinkler - A automatic sprinkler prevents asphalt buildup on the plate.