Access a Super-Fast Fibre Connection with an Openreach Modem

Openreach modems are little white boxes that work with a BT Home Hub 3 or 4 to access super-fast fibre broadband speeds. You can use the modem to access fibre broadband services from BT or you can choose to purchase a service from other providers that use the BT network. Whatever your needs and budget, there is sure to be an Openreach modem for you on eBay.

What connection speeds can an Openreach modem accommodate?

Your internet connection speeds will depend entirely on which service you choose and where you live, as well as other factors, such as the number of devices using your connection or electrical interference. The modem contributes to your internet connection speeds because it converts data so that it can be sent via the phone line. With an Openreach modem, you can expect speeds of around 40-50 kbit/s, which is quick enough to support super-fast fibre broadband.

What models of Openreach modem are available?

There are two different models of Openreach modem available. You could opt for the Huawei Echolife HG612 or the ECI B Focus. Features of these two models include:

  • VDSL Modem input: VDSL supports an incredible amount of bandwidth for a fast internet connection.
  • Reset switch: Easily reset the modem.
  • Wall mountable: Allows you to keep the modem somewhere discreet.
  • LAN 2 and BBU ports: These are not currently supported but are present to future-proof the modem.
  • Auto-update: Firmware will update automatically without disruption to service.
How do you connect an Openreach modem?

Your Openreach modem needs to be connected to both your phone line and your router. You will need to use a filter to do this, so check that this is supplied before purchasing a model. Plug the filter into your phone socket and then plug the other end into the VDSL slot on your modem. You will also need to connect your modem to your router, which should be done via the ethernet port.

What Openreach modems are available on eBay?

Most modems for sale on eBay are refurbished models. Purchasing a refurbished model can be a great way to pick up a bargain while still knowing you are choosing a quality product.

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