Complete Demolitions Quickly with a Heavy-Duty Concrete Breaker

An electric concrete breaker enables you to break down concrete surfaces and blocks fast during demolitions or heavy industrial work. It is easy to use and can break reinforced concrete. eBay stocks a broad selection of concrete breakers with different capabilities and price points.

What are the specifications of the concrete breaker?

The concrete breaker has the following specifications:

  • It comes with a high-performance motor that produces 1850 watts of power.
  • The motor runs at a speed of 1400 rpm.
  • The approximate weight of the power tool is about 24 kg.
  • It comes with a European plug and works with 230 volts.
Can you use the concrete breaker with more than one type of chisel?

Yes. The power tool comes with a 30mm hex tool mounting. It also comes with two heavy duty chisels; one is pointed while the other is flat. It can fit any other 30mm chisel. Check the manufacturer’s website for types of chisels that work with it.

What are some precautions that you should take while using the tool?

Just like any other power tool, you should take a few precautions to stay safe. Here are some of them:

  • You should always ground the tool while it is in use.
  • The power switch should always be off before plugging the tool into a power source.
  • Use a heavy-duty extension cord to avoid damage due to high current pull.
  • Always check the oil gauge and fill the tank with the correct motor oil before using the equipment.
Can you use the heavy-duty breaker to chip away some concrete when repairing a concrete floor and not destroy it?

Yes. However, it all depends on the user and the chisel bit you are using. The flat chisel can scrape off the surface of a floor without entirely demolishing it. However, take note of how much time you should take at a single point to avoid getting too deep into the concrete block.

Is the tool safe for use at home?

Yes. The tool is safe for use at home. The motor and internal circuits are sufficiently insulated. The handle is also made from sturdy plastic that does not conduct power. However, you still have to take a few safety precautions to stay safe. Visit the manufacturers website for instructions on the best way to use the concrete breaker safely.