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Corgi Bristol Diecast Bus

Corgi Bristol Bus Diecast Vehicles

Corgi has been manufacturing its famous model vehicles since 1956. The original toys from this celebrated British company were celebration replicas of British saloon cars of the time. Corgi often produces its diecast vehicles as celebrations of classic companies or landmark events. The Corgi Bristol bus diecast vehicles were made to celebrate Bristol Commercial Vehicles.

Although originally intended as toys, some versions of Corgi diecast vehicles , those that are in perfect condition and still in their original box, are highly sought after by collectors. Today, most Corgi diecast buses, cars, trucks and other vehicles are made as one-offs and these limited editions are sold out within weeks.

Corgi Bristol Bus diecast vehicles, parts and accessories

The Bristol Commercial Vehicles company was a vehicle manufacturer based in Bristol, England. The company mostly made buses and Corgi has created miniature replicas of many of these vehicles in its Corgi diecast Bristol bus range. These Corgi diecast bus models were made in 1:75 and 1:50 scales.

A classic example of the Corgi diecast Bristol bus range is the Bristol K6A Utility Bus. It was released in 1994 to commemorate 120 years of the Bristol Omnibus Company and is painted in the companys colours. This Corgi diecast bus is built to a high level of detail. It is shown as being the number 5 bus, on its route to Filton Park via Gloucester Road and Cheltenham Road. It also has a vintage advertisement on the side. A limited number of just 5000 of these diecast toys were produced by Corgi.

Bristol diecast vehicles

Corgi diecast Bristol buses are made from non-ferrous metals. The metal is heated until it is molten and then forced into the cavity of steel moulds at high pressure. Other details, such as windscreens, tyres and lights are made from different materials that include plastic, rubber and glass.