Costume Capes, Coats & Cloaks

Add the finishing touch with costume capes, coats & cloaks

Dressing up is fun whether youre having a themed birthday party, a house party or youre out on the town. If youre looking for something to give your outfit a magical edge then costume capes, coats and cloaks are just the things. Theres a great range of mens, womens and childrens on eBay, so youll be sure to find just what you need. 

Fancy dress themes

No matter what the time of year you can find costume capes aplenty on eBay. Christmas, Halloween, summer or winter the choice is endless. Why not choose his, hers and the kids vampire cloaks and go as a spooky Dracula family? Dark colours and velvet material give a luxurious yet creepy feel to your undead look. Or choose a dark cape and pair it with a pointy hat to bewitch all of the other party guests. 

Characters and superheroes

If youre planning a party with a superhero or character theme there are lots of character-specific capes to be found on eBay. From Superman capes to Wonder Woman, Batman to Paw Patrol, theres something for everyone. 

Prefer a slightly darker character? There are capes, cloaks and coats available for baddies too. Choose something hooded and dark and carry an apple to transform into Maleficent from Snow White. Gents can become Aladdins nemesis Jafar with a black and red cloak and a toy parrot. 

Mens, womens and childrens

With such a wide choice of mens, womens and childrens costume capes its easy to dress up the whole family. A simple cloak transforms yourselves and the kids into a family of witches and wizards off to the Quidditch world cup. Or why not pair a cloak with a light sabre and let the kids imaginations run wild as they battle the dark forces of the universe with the force behind them.