Costume Glasses

Fun and quirky costume glasses

Costume glasses are the perfect accessory for any fancy-dress event. Comedy glasses, character glasses, even glasses with big birthdays on them, its all on eBay. Theyre a quick and easy way to take your look from ‘party to ‘costume party. And everyone knows that accessories make the perfect fancy-dress outfit, so check out the huge choice of costume glasses to complement your outfit. 

Character costume glasses

Harry Potter, John Lennon, Buddy Holly; none of them would be who they are without their trademark glasses. If you want to create a character then a pair of costume glasses is the quickest way. 

Go for a cartoon look with a pair of round specs and a stripy tee for Wheres Wally. Or why not look like the King of RocknRoll himself, Elvis Presley? A pair of yellow tinted sunglasses with attached sideburns will set you on the right path, all you need is the quiff to match! 

General costume glasses

There are hundreds of costume glasses on eBay. No matter what your party theme, youll find something to match. Choose pink heart-shaped glasses for something girly. Or embrace the tropical beach party vibe and pick a pair of pineapple-shaped glasses. 

You can also find costume glasses for kids, so the little one neednt miss out on the fun. Bright colours and tinted lenses are fun and just the thing to appeal to little ones. 

Themed costume glasses

The easiest way to embrace a themed costume party is with glasses. Whether youre planning a party around a specific era or theme, theres just the thing. 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s-style costume glasses are all available. There are even animal themed-glasses with patterns and tentacles and ears attached, a cute choice for the kids. 

Planning a hen night? Theres a huge range of hen-themed glasses to be found. From ‘Bride to ‘Bridesmaid, pink and glittery to adult-themed, youre bound to find the right thing.