Crystal & Cut Glass

Crystal Cut Glass

Want to add some romance to your dinner table? Crystal cut glass tableware has been desirable for over a century, thanks to the mesmerising way the cut glass patterns pick up the light and reflect it across your tablecloth. A dazzling addition to a romantic candlelit meal for two or a sophisticated dinner party with friends. Choose glass cut with geometric patterns, floral designs, Aztec designs or even animals.

A set of glasses makes a thoughtful present, especially for an engagement, wedding or big wedding anniversary. For real indulgence, pair crystal glasses with a matching glass decanter. The perfect choice for an elegant drinks cabinet or a late-night whisky by the fire. Or select a large crystal vase and use it for your eye-catching flower arrangements.

Stunning Glass Throughout History

Youll find cut glass dating from the pre-1840 era all the way up to the contemporary designs of today. The late 19th century was generally considered to be the heydey of cut glass, with antiques from this period often fetching a high price. Art Nouveau pieces and Art Deco glasses are perhaps the most fashionable in terms of the current vintage interior design trends, but the best thing to do is to choose cut glass pieces that you love.

You could also choose your glass based on their country of origin. Some love the exquisite and delicate designs of the Czech Republic, a country renowned for its Bohemian cut glass. Others prefer the aesthetic of French crystal or the stylish look of famous Irish crystal brands.

Treat Your Antiques with Care

Crystal cut glass is extremely delicate, so its always best to make sure your glasses will be packaged and transported with care. Genuine collectors will know the importance of this and treat your fragile purchases with the respect they deserve.