Cycling Jerseys

Cycling Jerseys

Cycling in normal clothing can be okay for a short while, however over a long period of time it will most likely leave you covered in sweat with a fluctuating body temperature to match. To combat this problem choose between a selection of cycling jerseys, which will keep you cool, comfortable and dry during your rides. Jerseys are available for males, females and children, in a number of different brands and sizes in both new and used condition.

Short Sleeve Jerseys

During the summer months opt for short sleeve jerseys, which utilise thin fabrics and mesh venting panels to reduce sweating and increase the airflow around your body, keeping you cool and refreshed. Short sleeve jerseys are also versatile and can be paired with jackets or arm warmers to match any changes in the weather. If you choose to purchase a short sleeve jersey, the Muddyfox Cycling Jersey Mens T-Shirt is a popular choice.

Long Sleeve Jerseys

When the temperature drops, go for a long sleeve jersey to keep you warm. Designed with thermal insulation in mind, these types of jerseys utilise thick materials, often combining an inner coating of brushed fleece with a windproof outer layer. This will help keep warm air inside of the jersey, maintaining your body temperature in cold weather. If you are in search of a warm jersey this winter, try the Windstopper Winter Cycling Jacket with thermal insulation and high visibility.

Race Cut

If you are a road cyclist a ‘race cut will probably be best suited to your needs. This fit is skin tight, removing the possibility of any excess material slowing you down. This will improve your performance and help wick sweat at a faster rate.

Casual Fit

If you are a casual rider or a mountain biker you may choose to opt for a more relaxed and loose fitted jersey. This will allow for a for increased circulation of air around the body whilst also providing aesthetic appeal for everyday use. Combining style with high visibility, the Adidas Mens Cycling Jersey Trail Sport is the perfect fit for casual riders and commuters.