Cycling Socks

Wearing the right gear is crucial whether youre cycling for fun or competitively, cycling socks are an important element. Youve invested in everything else so dont forget about your specialist cycling socks.

Different lengths

Cycling socks come in varying lengths, from ankle socks to mid calf and long styles. It all comes down to personal preference what length you choose to wear. If you like to emulate what the professional cyclists are wearing these days, it seems that some riders such as Sir Bradley Wiggins favour long socks while other still like shorter or, even, ankle ones.

The right material for the weather

Material choice is also important. You may prefer cotton cycling socks but many cycling socks are made of wicking materials, helping to keep your feet dry by wicking the sweat away.

You might also need a pair of waterproof cycling socks , especially if youre out cycling in all weathers. For cold winter cycling, youll need to keep your feet warm too. The addition of a material like merino wool is designed for warmth but still keeps your socks lightweight. However, youll find cycle socks made from a wide variety of materials, so what you choose will come down to personal preference.

Compression socks

You may wish to wear a pair of specialist compression socks for cycling. Compression socks are designed to give support to muscles and tendons during exercise. By keeping your compression socks on once youre finished cycling, youre aiding your recovery. This is especially useful if you are doing intense exercise and you want to reduce muscle soreness and possible swelling afterwards.

Cycling socks come in a wide variety of colours and designs, from plain styles to those that will match your favourite cycling jersey. They are designed for men, women and children and come in appropriate sizes for each.