DSL & Phone Cables (RJ-11)

DSL Phone Cables RJ 11

Whether you would like to set up a new home or work network, or improve the performance of your current one, you are going to need cables to network your devices. RJ-11 (Registered Jack-11) is a commonly used connector for plugging a telephone into the network. Broadband modems are also connected using DSL phone cables RJ 11.

RJ 11 cables are the standard network interface for telephones and high speed broadband modems. RJ 11 jacks can handle one phone line services and this is all you require if you have a normal phone line and modem in your home.

ADSL broadband cable

There is a range of high speed RJ 11 cables for Broadband ADSL modems . A generic DSL/phone RJ-11 cable should feature good external shielding to minimise interference, and have gold plated copper contacts. These ensure the optimum connection speed is always maintained. These cables should be terminated in RJ 11 plugs and are available in 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m lengths.

RJ 11 internet cable speeds

Before buying an RJ 11 cable, make sure you check the broadband speed it enables matches your current broadband speed. RJ 11 cables that do not match your broadbands specifications can slow your internet speed down. For example, if you broadband speed is 30Mbps, your DSL RJ 11 cable must have a capacity that is equal to or higher than 30Mbps.

RJ 11 internet cable tester

If you are having problems with a network that contains a network cable , your first step could be to test each network cable with a DSL/RJ-11 network cable tester. These handy devices can help quickly pinpoint which cable is defective so that you can replace it.

An RJ 11 cable tester is usually a small box that you plug the cable into. Indicators on the tester, depending on your model, with flashing/lit LED lights or a full LCD display communicate if the cable is faulty or working well.