DVD & Blu-ray Players

DVD Players

DVD players have come a long way since their launch in the ‘90s, being one of the most popular ways to watch movies in the home. Find devices from a fantastic selection of brands, such as Bush, Samsung, Sony, Yamaha, Panasonic, LG, Polaroid and much more. You can also shop by feature, including USB input, upscaling, remote control, progressive scan, built-in Wi-Fi or disc changer.

Standard DVD Players

If you just want a basic, easy to use DVD player, youll find a number of highly affordable models which offer straightforward but efficient playback and universal compatibility. Most DVD players nowadays sport USB ports so you can benefit from a range of different media across an array of formats with no need for excessive hardware. You can also record tracks and videos from discs and transfer them to your USB drive through the device. DVD players support many different media formats, such as DVD, DivX, CD and MP3.

Home Theatre/Built-In

Enjoy watching films at home? Then youll love a home theatre system as youll feel like you really are at the cinema. These type of DVD players often feature HD upscaling, meaning you can watch your favourite movies in enhanced, rich, pixel-perfect quality.

DVD Player Combos

Incredibly popular, DVD player combos save space and are great for use in the home. One type of combo you may find is the DVD-VHS combo, great if you have family videos youd like to watch, but also want the functionality of a DVD player.

Portable DVD Players

If you travel a lot, portable DVD players are lightweight units that can normally be safely tucked away in a shoulder bag or briefcase. Theyre at the ready for a lengthy bus ride or train trip. Some can even be fitted to the back of a car seat, perfect for keeping children entertained on a long road trip. Make sure you check the battery life for portable DVD players, as some products are longer than others.