Date-Lined Ceramics (Pre-c.1840)

Charming date-lined ceramics (pre-c.1840)

From plates and teapots to intricate figurines, date-lined ceramics (pre c.1840) are the perfect addition to any home. Stand decorative plates along your mantelpiece or keep decorative figurines displayed in a cabinet. No matter what youre looking for, theres a piece of date-lined ceramics for every type of interior decor. 

Ceramic plates

Go for a pair of Dutch Delft plates with one depicting a pleasant scene and the other featuring an intricate dot pattern to the centre. Get yourself a similar set with decorated with floral motifs too. For something with more intricate detail, theres a fine Paris Diehl Et Guerhard plate, with gold lines and floral touches with a bright and detailed flower painted in the centre. 

Ceramic teapots

Perfect for adding further charm to your collection, a ceramic teapot is the perfect mixture of style and function. Go for a Chelsea Derby teapot from 1770. Gentle floral touches sit around the main top alongside gold lines around the lid, pot and handle. A Charles Meigh ceramic teapot is better suited to decoration purposes. The intricate pattern on the pot features Jesus Apostles under archways whilst the square handle and curved spout feature full engravings. 

Ceramic figurines

Date-lined ceramic figurines are ideal for lining along your collectors cabinet or fireplace mantel. A ceramic cherub figurine from the 1820s adds instant antique charm to your home. The detailed design and the soft pastel colours make this piece a must-have for any ceramics collector. For something with more flair, go for an 18th-century ceramic Derby figure depicting an angel. The high-shine finish, beautiful colours and long trumpet make this figure stand out. 

Meissen porcelain figures are highly collectable and work well alone or among a collection. Choose a figure that depicts the sense of touch to add some stand-out charm to your home. Gold touches and bright colours pop against some more gentle pastel colours whilst the clothes drape gently as if they were real.