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Dell Xps One

Admire the Elegance of the Dell XPS One

The Dell XPS One desktop PC is a powerful machine packed in a thin profile. With the power adapter inside the computer’s housing, this computer only requires one power cable to get started. The 27-inch glossy screen has over 2K high-definition quality, making it suitable for a home cinema experience or detailed visual projects.

Are there enough connection options for external devices?

Absolutely. There are two groups of ports; one to the side and another to the rear of the screen. With up to six USB 3.0 ports that can transfer data at up to 5 Gbps, it is possible to transfer data between multiple devices at once. The two separate HDMI ports make it possible to connect an extra screen to the Dell XPS One or use it as an extra screen for another PC. For a physical network connection, the ethernet slot can connect to the internet or private servers.

How many Dell XPS One versions are there?

The Dell XPS One comes in three main screen sizes; 20-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch, though their additional features vary slightly. eBay can be used to find affordable models in each size:

  • 20-inch XPS One: The 20-inch LCD monitor, with a high 1000:1 image contrast ratio, is flanked by a pair of external speakers to enhance its audio quality to match its screen quality.
  • 24-inch XPS One: With features similar to its smaller brother, the 24-inch version also comes with a read and write Blu-ray disc slot for high-quality video content.
  • 27-inch XPS One: The 27-inch screen model boasts internal speakers and runs on a 64-bit Windows OS instead of the 32-bits that the smaller versions use.
What are the maximum specifications that come with the Dell XPS One?

The Dell XPS One can use up to intel Core i7 with two memory slots that add up to 8GB of RAM; these specs enable the PC to run up to eight software threads at once. The immense 2TB hard disk drive and NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics card makes it adept at digital design work, as well as computer gaming at higher frame rates. Using as little as 72W of energy while idle, the Dell XPS One also helps minimise electricity consumption.

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