Diesel Industrial Generators

Power Up your Equipment Conveniently with a Diesel Generator

A diesel generator provides power to run various types of equipment. It acts as the main or backup source of power and allows for the continuous running of activities where there is a power outage or when you work at off-grid locations. A generator is a cheap and reliable source of power. eBay stocks a variety of generator brands and types for different applications.

What are the specifications of the generator?

The specifications of the generator are:

  • A 30L tank that is capable of running continuously for 30 hours.
  • Powered by a four-stroke Hyundai diesel engine that is air-cooled.
  • A maximum output of 6kW.
Does the generator provide clean power?

Yes, it comes equipped with an AVR alternator, which ensures the generator provides clean energy. You can use the generator to directly power sensitive equipment, such as PCs, home appliances, and outdoor equipment without the need for an additional regulator.

Does the generator start automatically when the power goes off?

Yes, the generator starts automatically when the power goes off. It is compatible and can be connected to an automatic transfer switch to start when theres a power cut. The ATS can also detect that the power is back and switch off the generator. Where you do not have an ATS, the generator functions as an electric start diesel device that uses an ignition key.

Can the diesel generator be used in a crowded area without causing a disturbance?

Yes, the generator comes housed in a silenced cage that has a sound ratio of 70dB for a distance of 7 metres. Therefore, it is very quiet and can be used near a home, without causing any disturbance.

What is the in voltage output?

The generator has an output voltage of 230 VAC and a frequency of 50Hz. It has a meter that shows voltage, frequency, and the total hours that the generator has run.

Is the generator economical when running for several hours?

Yes. The generator runs at an average of a litre an hour. Diesel is also significantly cheaper than petrol as the source of fuel. It has a low oil capacity of 1.75 litres and does not require a regular change of oil. The generator has a low oil shutdown mechanism to prevent engine damage.