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Diesel tanks for industrial and agricultural use

Diesel is an essential fuel for many industries and transporting it in both small and large quantities requires specialist tanks to prevent spillages and accidents. If you're looking for a diesel tank suitable for a range of environments, there is a large selection of tanks including bunded tanks to smaller portable examples suitable for storing in trucks and vans. 

You'll find both brand new and used diesel tanks available for industrial and agricultural use, and they can be used for static locations and mobile equipment. 

Portable diesel tanks

Diesel is often required by farm machinery that is not set in one place. To transport fuel to these locations, these farming storage tanks are ideal for getting ample fuel to work your equipment. 

These types of tanks are generally made from strong and robust polyethene, and feature lifting handles for moveability. Many portable solutions include compact pipes and hoses that can be stored away after use, plus these hoses are a useful length in case you need to pour fuel in hard-to-reach areas. 

You'll find car fuel tanks to use as an emergency stash alongside larger tanks that fit to your agricultural equipment

Large diesel tanks

For larger diesel tanks, there is a wide selection of bunded and enclosed fuel tanks that can hold vast amounts of fuel. These tanks are suited to locations that require a consistent supply of diesel and are often popular as fuel tanks for homes and barns. 

Sizes vary from 1250-litre tanks to 5000-litre examples which are ideal for industrial and agricultural use. Many of these size tanks come with features such as long delivery hoses with automatic shut off nozzles, so refilling is simple and hassle-free, plus many models have a water and particulate filter, and valves to prevent overfill. 

Diesel tanks are useful for many industries and provide a valuable source of fuel for both domestic and trade use.