Digital Camera Replacement Screen for Canon

Replacement Screen for Canon Digital Camera

It doesnt matter how careful we are with our devices, sometimes it inevitable that an accident will happen. Even if this isnt the case, LCD screens can dim overtime as the device ages. Luckily a cracked screen or an aging camera doesnt need to lead to a new camera purchase. There are many replacement screens available so that you can get your camera back up and running in a flash.


When you are choosing a replacement screen for a Canon digital camera it is essential that you know the exact model of camera you have because the screen size and shape can vary greatly.


Replacement LCD camera screens are made from durable materials so theyll last just as long as your original screen did. The glass is thin and clear for a crisp image and they are well designed to achieve the same results as your got previously. Held in place with adhesive and screws, your new screen fit securely. Most new screens come with a screen protector for added future protection.


Bear in mind that some older Canon cameras without a backlight may need soldering to secure the screen in place. It may be in this case that you need professional help.

With most cameras, replacement screens are easy to fit yourself and come with full instructions so you can get the screen in the perfect position and in full working order.

Youll need a precision screwdriver to unscrew the back of your camera so you can connect it. Some screens will also need adhesive to secure it in place. Check whats included with the screen so you can make sure you have all necessary equipment before you get started.

When youve finished fitting your new screen your camera will look as new as one thats just come out of the box.