Disney Women's Nightwear

Disney Womens Nightwear

For bedtime comfort whatever the weather, the Disney womens nightwear range has a style to suit your preference.

Different styles of Disney womens nightwear

Pyjama sets from Disney womens nightwear range include long sleeve tops and full length trousers, or short sleeve or vest style tops and shorts . The beauty of buying one of each means you can swap tops and bottoms depending on how you feel.

Also known as nighties, Disney nightdresses are a popular bedtime dressing option. Women who prefer something less fussy than a two piece pyjama set opt for a lightweight nightdress or shirt.

Also commonly known as dressing gowns, Disney womens robes provide an additional layer of warmth at nighttime. The full length robe typically has a shawl collar, pockets and self tie belt. Shorter length styles are also available.

Differences between pyjamas and nightdresses

Nightdresses and shirts made from lightweight cotton and cotton blend fabrics are ideal for warmer months. Disney fleece pyjamas provide exceptional cosiness when its cold.

Pyjamas are a popular sleepwear choice all year round. The trousers or shorts paired with long sleeve pyjama tops or t-shirts provide just the amount of coverage you want whilst also keeping you comfortable during the hotter or colder temperatures.

Cami dresses, like nighties, are easy to pull on and make a great Disney everyday nightwear option for women. Like nightdresses, cami dresses pull on over the head and are easy to get on and off.

Different materials of Disney womens nightwear

Natural 100% cotton is the ideal fabric for hot weather. It has a soft feel and is breathable and lightweight.

Cosy and warm fleece is made from polyester synthetic wool. The lightweight fabric is ideal for seasonal nightwear and robes.

Soft and light, but not as breathable as 100% cotton, this fabric is made from a 50/50 mix of cotton and polyester. Cotton blend nightwear maintains its colour and shape for longer compared to pure cotton garments.