Doctor and Nurse Complete Outfit Fancy Dresses  for Women

Give Fancy Dress the Medical Treatment with a Nurse Outfit

Nurse costumes are a classic Halloween and fancy dress staple and can be a lot of fun in the bedroom too. Furthermore, kids love to play doctors and nurses and a nurse outfit will bring this to life. From near-realistic to complete fantasy, there are hundreds of types of nurse outfits out there that are perfect for whatever occasion you have coming up. eBay has every kind you can imagine, and all for great prices.

Which nurse outfit should you get?

It depends on the party or occasion, and also on what you want to wear. If youre not comfortable in something short or revealing, there are nurse outfits that are a little bit more realistic and will cover more. If its a Halloween-themed party, you might be better with something a bit more stylised - perhaps even already covered in bloody prints. If its just for you and a special someone, then you probably want something a little bit sexier. There are also kids nurse outfits, for fancy dress or just for playing doctors and nurses. Here are just a few of the types of nurse outfits available on eBay:

  • Historical nurse outfit: For that fifties look.
  • Sexy nurse outfit: From teeny dresses to tutus and lingerie.
  • Zombie nurse costumes: Pre-blood-spattered, just add a rubber knife.
  • Kids nurse costumes: These sometimes come with a little doctors bag as an accessory.
How can you make a nurse outfit more comfortable to wear?

Firstly, make sure you buy a nurse outfit that is the right size for you. This way, not only will it be more comfortable, but it will also look much better. It doesnt matter what the label says, but if the outfit doesnt fit correctly it will not look right. Check what it is made of before you buy if you are sensitive to certain synthetic fabrics.

What other accessories do you need for a nurse costume?

You will, of course, need some shoes to go with your nurse outfit. If you have some black heels at home already, those should work nicely. You might want to look for some white tights or stockings as well, and perhaps a toy stethoscope to complete the look. If you are a zombie nurse, you will probably need a lot of fake blood and maybe some gory bandages. You might also want to add some green or grey face paint. If youre a dab hand at makeup, you might even try some special effects for that slightly rotten look.