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Downhill Bikes

Downhill Bikes

Downhill bikes are available from many different brands. This includes Giant, Scott, Kona and Specialised. They are suited to those who want to go downhill at very fast speeds, without compromising control or stability. Downhill bikes are available in a range of different colours and they are also great for those who want to get the best experience out of their mountain biking adventures.

Downhill Bike Specifications

Downhill bikes are quite possibly one of the most specialised types of mountain bikes. They have steering that is slack, around 65 degrees and also have a very low stance. The sticky tyres will help you to make progress across the longest and fastest courses and they are ideal for steep hills as well. Downhill bikes have a very high level of suspension and they also have a triple crown fork.

The metal springs are locked in place and this helps to absorb any rear shocks, which makes them perfect for the bumps and drops of downhill biking. These bikes offer resilience and provide as much comfort as its possible to provide when hurtling down a hill.

Downhill Bike Frames

Downhill bikes have a very strong frame and they also have a lot of different components. This makes downhill bikes very heavy and they usually dont come with any climbing gears. DH rigs are popular with those who want to make the most out of their downhill descents. However, they are mostly used by professionals due to the amount of experience that is required to operate them properly.

Downhill bikes are ideal for both beginners and experts and there are many different sizes available for you to choose from based on your height and weight, so you can always get the best result out of your bike. Downhill bikes are usually measured by their tyre size.