DragonBall Z Collectables

DragonBall Z collectables every anime lover

Perfect for fans of the anime and manga series, DragonBall Z collectables let you own a piece of this iconic franchise. Dress up as your favourite character for Halloween or get yourself a set of toys of the main characters. Whatever Japanese Anime collectables youre after, youll find the perfect items for you. 

DragonBall Z collectable figurines

Perfect for any avid fan of the show, DragonBall Z collectable figurines let you get your hands on the characters. Set them up in exciting poses to keep in your collectors cabinet, or keep them out and play with them. 

Keep an eye out for multiple figures to get yourself a complete set, or go for your favourite character, like Goku. Keep an eye out for opposable toys to create your own game, or go for a statue figure to add to your cabinet. 

Or, get yourself a set of highly sought after Dragon Balls with a Shenlong figurine. Coming with a clear plastic stand and seven DragonBalls, this is a truly decorative piece. 

DragonBall Z clothing

Sport your favourite characters with DragonBall Z clothing. Go for something with Gokus face printed to the chest, or proudly flaunt Vegeta with a deep green top. 

Get a T-shirt printed with the body of various characters, like Majin Buu and Piccolo, or get yourself a bright orange hoodie with a DragonBall Z print to the front and back to wear the same colours as Goku. 

DragonBall Z costumes

Ideal for Halloween, youll find a range of quality DragonBall Z costumes for any fan. Dress up as Goku with an orange outfit, matching boots and yellow Super Saiyan wig. 

Youll also find outfits that let you dress up as other characters, like Beerus and Piccolo. Take it to the next level with a mask that turns you into the villain Freeza or Vegeta.