Dual Screen Computer

Improve Productivity With a Dual Screen Computer

An affordable dual screen computer can improve communication in professional environments and accuracy during stocktaking. Designers who use a double screen computer in the process of developing prototypes can reduce production time, while a desktop computer with dual monitor capability can improve data entry processes.

How do you set up a dual screen monitor with Windows?

A multi screen PC can use different Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 10. You can connect two monitors to one computer by using the quick hotkey Win+P, and this feature is available on all devices that use Intel Graphics Drivers. Alternatively, you can manually set up your dual monitor computer package through the screen resolution menu. In situations where multiple MS Windows systems are used, each screen is capable of showing both operating systems. No expertise is required in order to set up dual monitors as multiple display support is already built into Windows but, to ensure a seamless integration, be sure to check that the appropriate cables are connected to each display and check the manufacturer site for model specifics.

Can you open different programs on each screen with a dual monitor computer package?

Yes. A dual computer monitor set-up improves your ability to multitask by displaying different programs on each screen. You can, for example, open your social media feed on one screen while your other screen displays a spreadsheet or text document. A dual monitor PC eliminates the inconvenience of switching between multiple tabs as information is displayed clearly on the separate monitors.

Can you use a multi screen PC to compare data in QuickBooks?

Yes. This feature is available in QuickBooks Desktop 2018. Once you have set up your dual monitor computer, you will be able to reduce the incidence of data errors. For this reason, dual screen computers have become popular in areas where they increase the capacity for accuracy. For example:

  • You can track and compare sales figures more effectively with a dual screen PC. At a glance, you can view an entire column of figures without tediously skipping from one tab to another.
  • A dual screen monitor can reduce errors in stocktaking and data input. With the source material on one screen and the receiving document on the other, you can easily see if the information has been correctly transferred.
  • Image editing and design projects are made more efficient with dual monitor capability. Source material access is expanded as multiple files can be viewed and manipulated with greater ease.