Calm Your Child with a Personalised Dummy Clip or Soother

A baby dummy clip is a specialised childcare device that your baby can suck on to self-soothe during times of agitation. These dummy clips are available at affordable prices and in a range of styles on eBay. Understanding the main features of dummy clips and their proper specifications can help you choose an appropriate model for your little one.

Can you choose a teat material for your soother clip?

Some soothers have teats that manufacturer's design specifically for sucking purposes. You may wish to know about some of the materials you can choose for it if you want to choose a personalised dummy clip with a teat at one end. The most common types of teats you will find for these items on eBay include:

  • BPA-free - You can choose a dummy clip or soother that doesn't include any Bisphenol A compounds.
  • Latex - Latex teats can create a rubbery consistency that should retain its shape and be easy for a small child to chew.
  • Silicone - This teat material might be a good choice for your dummy holder clip if you need something heat-resistant.
How do anti-colic dummy clips work?

Some of the dummy clip holders you will find on eBay have anti-colic teats or other parts. The properties of anti-colic dummies might make them suitable for children with a tendency to cry when they experience agitation. A few of the primary features of anti-colic baby soothers are:

  • Venting - Anti-colic soother clips use special vents to divert air that might otherwise cause discomfort away from the baby's stomach.
  • Ribbing - These dummy clips have a ribbed texture that makes them durable and resistant to collapse. Your young one can chew on them as needed for uninterrupted comfort.
What are some other features of dummy clips?

All baby dummy clips feature a design to help calm your child and relieve agitation. However, you can find models on eBay that have several optional features. A few of the things you might include with your clip are:

  • Washer and steriliser safe - It is safe to use a steriliser on these kinds of clips or clean them in your dishwasher.
  • Attachments: Some of these clips include small, plush animals as attachments. Your child can look at or play with these animals as they calm down.
  • Glowing - You can choose a model that glows in the dark if you want to be able to find your child's soothing device easily, even dim conditions