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Duracell Battery Chargers

Duracell battery chargers for reusable power

Get more for your money with rechargeable batteries. You dont have to keep buying replacement batteries. You can simply place rechargeable batteries, with sizes ranging from AAA to 9V, into Duracells battery chargers, with multiple charger options to choose from. 

Time-saving features

Charge your batteries quicker than a trip to the shops, with the value models charging up to four hours of use within just 45 minutes, and the advanced and expert types giving the same battery life in just 15 minutes of charging. These high speeds are also useful when you only have one set of batteries to charge: simply pop them in, take a snack break and come back to a charged battery. 

Find out exactly how much your batteries have been rejuvenated with the partial charge indicator feature, letting you know exactly how long you can use the battery for until it needs a recharge. 

Safety features

Like most chargers in the world, battery chargers have the potential to overheat in high-temperature conditions. Dont worry about any damage though, as Duracell has built in an automatic shut-off to prevent any effects from overheating, keeping your charger and the batteries on the inside safe from any damage. 

Protection is also offered against the attempted charge of batteries that arent rechargeable. This avoids any leakage that could damage the charger or any overheating or fire from the wrong type of battery. 

Stay relaxed knowing that even on small or uneven surfaces, your Duracell battery charger is not at risk if it falls. Having been tested for drop, vibration and shock damage, built-in Duracell features help to keep your battery charger in top condition. Even with batteries inside, your Duracell battery charger will stay intact and functioning when put through anything that would damage or affect usual battery chargers.