Eau de Parfum for Women

Womens Eau de Parfums

Womens eau de parfums are the best choice if you want a perfume which is going to last on your skin all day. They have a 15% concentration of fragrance compared to eau de toilettes, which have concentrations ranging from 5-10%.

With eau de parfum available in a wide range of brands and bottle sizes, you can be sure you will find the perfect perfume for you.


Consider eau de parfum from:

Chanel - the producer of classic fragrances which never go out of fashion. Whether you choose the classic No. 5 with notes of jasmine and rose, or the more modern Chance with notes of patchouli and citrus, Chanel Eau de Parfums are a timeless addition to your fragrance wardrobe.

Calvin Klein - famous for fragrances which are clean and fresh. They are the producers of some classics scents such as Eternity which has top notes of floral and base notes of warm spice.

Thierry Mugler - these fragrances are modern and bold. Why not try the hugely popular Angel, with notes of melon and mandarin? For two decades it has been the most popular fragrance from the collection.

Christian Dior - Christian Dior created his first fragrance in 1947, with Miss Dior. Since then, Dior has been creating fragrances which are feminine and elegant.

Marc Jacobs - renowned for fragrances which are sweet and fun, with beautiful bottles to match. Daisy is a very popular perfume, with notes of white floral, powder and crisp, fresh air.


The best way to apply eau de parfum is to spray directly onto your pulse points on your wrists and neck. Do not rub your wrists together, as this is will crush the notes in the fragrance.

Bottle Size

If you want to try a perfume before you commit to a full size bottle, consider a sample size? Many fragrances are available in bottles from 30ml up to 100ml.