Edward VII Half-Sovereign Coins (1902-1910)

Edward VII Half-Sovereign Coins

Half-sovereign coins have a prominence within British history and were first introduced by King Henry VII in the sixteenth century. These highly sought after gold coins have been issued by kings and queens ever since and are still produced by the Royal Mint to this day. These coins are a fantastic addition to any collectors current set or for collectors looking to start something new.

Following the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, Edward VII became king and reigned until his death in 1910. During this short time, King Edward VII issued several half-sovereign coins which featured his right-facing portrait on one side and Benedetto Pistruccis famous scene of George and the Dragon on the reverse.

Designed with collectors in mind, these 22-carat gold coins contain 3.65g of fine gold and are worth considerably more than their half British pound face value. Edward VII half-sovereign coins are a form of gold bullion which means their price can fluctuate based on the current value of gold. For this reason, Edward VII half-sovereign coins are highly collectable and make fantastic investments for those who enjoy collecting rare and historical items.

Youll find a range of Edward VII half-sovereign coins to choose from and can take your pick from individual coins that date from 1902 to 1910. Edward VII half-sovereign coins may also be available as part of coin year sets alongside other denominations of the period.

Edward VII half-sovereign coins were minted in both the UK and Australia, at the golds source. Coins minted in Sydney and Perth are among the rarest Edward VII half-sovereigns and are highly sought after.

Coins in varying conditions are available with some preserved in special presentation cases. Edward VII half-sovereign coins can be made into jewellery and youll find several options available including pendants and rings.