Electric Hobs

Save Space in the Kitchen With the Right Electric Hob

An electric hob looks stylish in your kitchen and can be a way of saving space if you dont want a range in the kitchen. eBay has an assortment of electric hobs to suit many different needs, whether youre a single or a parent in need of a five-ring hob.

What are the different types of electric hobs?

There are several types of electric hobs you can choose from, including:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic hobs have a smooth, glossy surface that homeowners find easy to clean.
  • Electric plate: This type consists of solid electric plates and usually comes in four-ring versions.
  • Induction: Induction hobs heat up the pan without heating the cooking surface through a magnetic field technology. Use pots and pans with high iron content for this type of electric hob.
  • Electric coil: Some homeowners who like retro design choose electric coil varieties for their kitchens. It has spiral shaped coils that heat the cookware.
  • Domino: This term refers to oolong-shaped hobs. They usually have two cooking zones, but you can find some that have a single cooking zone. You can use domino hobs in kitchenettes or small kitchens to save space. Or you could use it to add extra cooking zones to your existing hob. Domino hobs can be ceramic, induction, or electric plate.
What are common features of electric hobs?

Features you can find in electric hobs include:

  • Surface hot indicator: Some hobs have an indicator light that glows red to let you know when the surface is hot.
  • Dual zone: Hobs that have dual zones feature one smaller circle inside a larger circle that allow you to use that zone for either a small or large pan. When you choose to use it for a small pan, it will only heat the surface of the small ring.
  • Heat shut off timer: If you want to make sure the cooktop turns off at the right time, you can use the heat shut off timer that comes with some hobs.
  • Child lock: Families with young children may like hobs that have a child lock feature to help minimize the chance of a child turning it on.
What pans can you use on a ceramic hob?

Many homeowners use hard anodized stainless steel and heavy gauge coated aluminium pans on a ceramic hob. Other types of pans that are safe to use on a ceramic hob include cast iron, enamel, and hob suitable heat-resistant glass containers. Always read the instruction manual to know what pans can be used on the hob.