Elizabeth II Half Crown Coins

Out of circulation for more than 40 years, Queen Elizabeth II half-crown coins are often in great demand by new collectors and those interested in pre-decimalisation coinage.

The half-crown holds historical value as it was found in British pockets from when it was first issued in 1549, in the reign of Edward VI, until 1970. Half-crowns produced in the reign of Elizabeth II have particular significance for a collector because they were the last to be made before decimalisation.

The value of an Elizabeth II half-crown is affected by its condition and grade. A Fine coin will have considerable wear, but visible detail; a Very Fine coin will have some wear, clear detail and will have had limited circulation; an Extremely Fine coin will have slight wear and little sign of being circulated; an Uncirculated coin will have no signs of wear or circulation; a Brilliant Uncirculated coin is the same as Uncirculated, but with its full mint lustre and a Proof coin has been made using specially prepared dies and different metals to other coins.

Elizabeth II half-crown coins were minted from 1954 until 1970, when production ceased to make way for decimalisation. You can search for the year of half-crown you are looking for; or give your coin collection a boost with half-crowns being sold as part of set, maybe with different coins from Queen Elizabeth II's reign, or with half-crowns bearing the portrait of earlier monarchs.

You might find half-crowns from 1956 and 1967 are easiest to come by, as they had the highest mintage, with over 33,000,000 produced in these years, while half-crowns from 1970 could be the hardest to trace as only 750,000 were minted and they hold extra value for being the last half-crowns produced.

If an Elizabeth II is missing from your collection there is a wide variety available in varying conditions, stamped with years from the 1950s, through to the 1970s.