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Epson Computer Scanners

Epson Computer Scanners

Scanning is something that has become increasingly more necessary over the years. Originally confined to offices for making photocopies of documents, now its not at all uncommon for Epson computer scanners to be purchased for home use.

You may, for instance, wish to digitise your old photographs, enabling you to store them on your computer or in the cloud. Or you may have a need to create multiple copies of various documents or images you own. Using an Epson computer scanner will enable you to make a digital copy of images or documents that you can then enhance with relevant software on your computer.

Types of Epson computer scanner

For home use, youll probably be most interested in an Epson flatbed scanner . These are the type you will see most often, featuring a flat glass screen on which you place the item you want to scan. A lid is then placed over the top, while the scanner takes its image from the screen.

Flatbed scanners are available with USB connections or SCSI connections. USB is the type of connection you will most often come across, with every home or office computer featuring a USB socket nowadays. Epson SCSI scanners are more common in the commercial arena, with the technology being designed for more heavy duty scanning purposes.

As well as the conventional flatbed scanners, Epson produce a range of opticfilm scanners designed for the specific purpose of scanning photographs and other film-based media. These are smaller than a flatbed scanner, so will take up less room on your desk. They are aimed at people who work in a relevant industry, such as photography, or people who are heavily into this sort of activity as a hobby.

About the Epson brand

The firm that eventually became Epson Seiko was set up in Japan in the 1940s. They originally produced watch parts and branched out into other types of electronic equipment over the years. They are now well known throughout the world as a manufacturer of computer peripherals devices, such as printers and scanners.