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Ercol Dining Chairs

Classic British Ercol dining chairs

Ercol dining chairs are classic pieces of furniture that wouldnt go amiss in any home. Using quality craftsmanship since 1920, every piece of Ercol furniture is high quality, stylish and functional. From simple, subtle wooden chairs that fit in with any type of home to those that add a striking touch of style, there are dining chairs for every home right here on eBay. 

Solid wood Ercol dining chairs

For a timeless classic that works with any table or type of interior, go for a wooden Ercol dining chair. An Originals Chairmakers chair offers the perfect place to sit in a stylish yet subtle package. This dining chair is a display of Ercols expertise and skill. 

A sculptured, ergonomic seat offers comfort for those long dining sessions whilst upturned armrests sit atop three spindles for added comfort. The backrest features four spindles to the left, and four to the right with a thick column separator, creating a window-like design. 

An Ercol Originals all purpose chair uses a no-frills approach to crafting a versatile seat. An ergonomic seat offers added comfort, wide-set legs prop the chair up and backrest with thin spindles offers a touch of subtle style. 

Or go for something to match your quirky modern interior with a Shalstone dining chair. Criss-crossing chair supports with slight bends create a fluid, soft look whilst the crossed back spindles prop up the main backrest back at the top. 

Padded Ercol dining chairs

Made with a touch more comfort, Ercol padded chairs offer a soft-touch surface so you can sit for hours. 

A Bosco padded back dining chair uses a square, boxy design for a modern feel and a padded seat and backrest as well as a curved profile for added support. The cream fabric contrasts against the wooden finish for something that works well in any home.