Ethernet Cables RJ 45/8P8C

Keep connected to the internet with RJ 45/8P8C ethernet cables, perfect for laptops, computers and games consoles. The RJ 45 is the 'female' or the 'plug' that the cable connects into while the 8P8C is the 'male' or connector that needs to be inserted into the jack.

Ethernet cables are used to manually connect a device to provide internet connection. They are used for wired networks and can connect devices to a local area network together. A downfall to this is usually the limitation of the cable length. However, you can buy cables that are up to 50 metres in length.

While a wireless internet connection is the most common form these days, wired internet connection can speed up transfers and downloads, which is ideal when using larger files such as high resolution photographs and videos. Offices and business still tend to make use of ethernet connections. Although it's common and easy to come across unbranded ethernet cables, there are several branded cables on the market, such as Apple, Belkin and C2G.


RJ stands for 'registered jack', and an RJ 45 the jack that you'll find on your laptop or PC that you plug ethernet cables into. RJ 45 plugs have eight pins which are spaces around 1mm apart. Once plugged together, these pins interconnect with those of the cable connector to transfer electricity.


The 8P8C connector features a matching eight contact pins to work together with those in the jack. 8P8C stands for 'eight position', 'eight contact' and these connectors need to be crimped into the correct wiring pattern to work with the RJ 45 jack.

The connector usually features a plastic tab that securely connects the plug to the network port, which makes the connection safer. To release the cable, press the clip on the head of the cable.

Opt for a cat 5 or 5e cable for quick and easy use, or a cat 6 cable if you're looking for a reliable cable that copes well at higher speeds.

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