European Stamps

Stamp collecting is a popular pastime all over the world and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Collecting international stamps is a fantastic way to learn more about other countries and their cultures, and youll find millions of options to choose from.

European stamps are among the most popular due to their diversity, with a wide range of stamps available to suit every interest, taste and budget. Youll find thousands of European stamps categorised by nation such as France and colonies, Russia and the Soviet Union, Denmark and the Faroe Islands, Switzerland and Italy.

Its simple to start a European stamp collection and you can choose stamps based on your interest in a particular era, event in history or a topic such as sport or animals. Theres also a choice of quality from mint hinged, hinge remaining, and mint never hinged to mint no gum, original gum and no gum.

Whether youre looking for commemorative postage stamps or souvenir sheets youll find a range of options.

European postage stamps

Postage stamps are by far the most common type of stamp collected around the world. European postage stamps can be filtered by year of issue and organised by decade from pre-1840 to 2011-present day.

Every day European stamps can be just as collectible as limited edition and commemorative releases, created to mark special events such as the Olympics or historical anniversaries. Some collectors may choose to base their collection on a theme such as aviation, people, animals, sport, music or architecture.

European airmail stamps and postage due stamps can also be collected. Cancellation types include handstamped, machine cancel, precancel, first day of issue and cancelled to order.

European sheet stamps

Stamps are usually printed on large sheets and split into panes before being sold at post offices. Its possible to buy sheets of your favourite European stamps in varying sizes; sheetlets can contain between 24 and 200 stamps, while miniature sheets can contain just two stamps.

Souvenir sheets are typically printed to resemble one big picture, however individual stamps can still be separated and used for postage.