Eye Shadow Primer

Eye Shadow Primer

Eyeshadow primer is essential to keep your eye colour in place, avoiding creases, smudges and faded colours. Available in a range of different formulations and applications, primer helps to smooth the eyelid and prepare it for colour.

What you need to know about eye shadow primer?

To ensure your eyeshadow stays put,

eyeshadow primer makes sure your colour lasts all day and all night. Prepare your eyelids with one of these primers and you can be assured that your eye colour wont crease, smudge, slide or fade.

There are many different assorted formulations of eye shadow primer. It is up to you which you prefer.

You could choose a cream formula, which comes in a tube or a pot. Apply these primers with your fingertips before applying your eye make up, whether that be eye shadow or eyeliner.

There are also gel and liquid formulas. These can be also applied with the fingertips. Wait for them to dry before applying your colour.

There are also pencil primers available, which you apply directly to your eyelids, and pressed powder formats with a powder puff to apply them with.

The perfect base for colour

Using an eyeshadow primer makes sure your make up stays put and avoids you having to reapply it. It also intensifies the colour, making it vibrant and exactly as you want it. Primers often also make your eye colour waterproof, so that you dont have to worry what the weather has in store.

Primers create a smooth, grease free surface onto which to create your perfect look. They smooth out fine lines and uneven skin tones, allowing you to apply eye shadow onto a perfect base.

Primers take seconds to apply, and yet keep your make up looking as it did when you applied it, all day long.

Some primers are available in different shades, enabling you to match your skin colour.

Most make up ranges feature an eyeshadow primer.