Family Tents

Enjoy the Great Outdoors by Camping in a Family Tent

One of the greatest joys of a camping holiday is that it gives you the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature up close. Such holidays can be a much cheaper option than staying in a guest house or hotel and give you the flexibility of moving on and exploring more places. Family tents used to be limited to rigid-style tents with poles and guy ropes, but things have changed a lot. Nowadays, there are many tents in different styles and configurations, all of which can be found on eBay.

What factors should you consider before buying family tents?

Apart from considering price and whether you wish to buy a new tent, you should also think about:

  • Purpose: The tent you choose will depend on whether you wish to snatch a weekend away and/or spend a fortnights holiday.
  • Number of berths: Family tents can be anything from 2- to 12-berth, but you should allow for storage, too.
  • Configuration: Consider the age and gender of the people on the camping trip as inner tent divisions or sleeping pods can give greater privacy.
  • Access: More than one door helps ventilate the tent and prevents sleepers being disturbed.
  • Windows: Apart from letting in light, vented windows prevent the build-up of condensation overnight.
  • Weight: If youre travelling by public transport, you dont want to carry a heavy tent.
How long does it take to pitch a family tent?

The ease of pitching a tent depends on which type of tent you choose. Both dome- and tunnel-style tents are extremely easy to put up as some already have their poles pre-attached. Similarly, tents without poles but with a frame which needs to be inflated with air can be pitched by a single adult without help. Hybrid tents (constructed around twin domes and with separate sleeping pods) take the longest, but are more flexible and spacious.

What accessories are available with family tents?

Most new family tents are usually manufactured with a sewn-in groundsheet, and some also have a footprint and/or carpet to cut down on damp from the ground and prevent insects entering the tent. Used tents sold on eBay might also contain other accessories such as:

  • A storage bag.
  • A repair kit.
  • An awning for the front entrance.
  • Extensions to add further sleeping pods to the standard size of the tent.
  • Camping equipment like beds and cooking utensils.