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Fender Bass Guitars

Fender bass guitars are incredibly popular with both experienced and beginner bass players. There are different types available and each one is suited to a different playing style, so by knowing and understanding your own style, you can then go on to choose the right one for your needs.

Fully Carved Bass Guitars

The fully carved bass has no laminate. The back and top are carved and all of the side ribs are made out of solid wood. Carved instruments are often considered to be of the highest quality, however, that doesn't mean that they are going to produce the sound you're looking for. Carved basses can offer a very complex response and they also have rich overtones as well. It's a well-known fact that carved basses sound better the more they are played and may need “breaking in” before the true sound comes through.

Hybrid Bass Guitars

Hybrid Fender basses have a carved top with a laminated body and sides. The top is the most tonally important part of the bass. Solid wood moves more when compared to laminated layers so it can offer you a response that is both tonally complex and more immediate when compared to the fully carved alternative. With a laminated back and side, you'll experience fewer cracks due to the laminate being more resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Fretless Bass Guitars

The biggest advantage to using a fretless Fender bass guitar is that it is easier to play. The smoother fingerboard means that the only factor in determining the note is the player's fingers. This is more suited to experienced players who know how to trigger certain notes on the fretboard, due to the fact that a solid understanding of the fretboard is required in order to make the most out of the bass itself and the notes that are being played.