Fine Bracelets

Fine Bracelets

Fine bracelets are the perfect accessory addition to any outfit and are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit a range of different occasions.

Different types of fine bracelets

Fine bracelets that have a classic bangle design are available in two different styles. Some fine bangle bracelets feature a hinge for easy wear, and other styles are designed to be slipped on over the wrist.

Torque style fine bracelets have a slim, often tapered design, with decorative finials on the open ends. Wider cuff fine bracelets are an alternative option.

Fine bracelets that feature a chain arrangement are a popular fashion accessory choice. Chain fine bracelets are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Many bracelets feature fancy links or delicate chains that are embellished with gemstones.

Fine charm bracelets show off embellishments that dangle from the chain bracelet.

Tennis bracelets feature a single band of diamond or gemstones that are joined together, with a clasp fastening. These fine bracelets are named after the jewellery that was worn, and lost, by womens tennis champion Chris Evert, in the US Open tennis tournament in 1987.

Embellishment variations of stylish fine bracelets

No stone fine bracelets usually display a decorative arrangement of links, with or without a motif style embellishment. Delicate and dainty heart link fine bracelets are a popular choice. If you prefer something a little more showy, choose a stylish vintage 9K yellow gold wide bracelet with multiple rows of woven fancy links.

Diamond fine bracelets traditionally have a channel or claw setting. Some styles feature a wide, articulated band that is decorated with rows of diamonds. Other fine bracelets feature diamonds in a central motif arrangement.

Pearl fine bracelets typically have a sophisticated design. The pearls are strung together and finished with a decorative clasp.

Amber fine bracelets are generally highly decorative. The gemstones are either individually set and arranged on a chain bracelet, or large pieces of amber are set in a bangle. Other semi precious gemstones are displayed in the same way.

Different precious metal types of fine bracelets

9K and 18K yellow gold is a favourite precious metal choice of many styles of vintage and retro fine bracelets. Yellow gold is traditionally mixed with other metals that contain more nickel in order to get its distinctive colour.

White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one other white metal, usually silver.

Platinum has a similar appearance to white gold, but it is made from a purer form of white metal.

Sterling silver is a popular precious metal for fine bracelets. Silver is made from silver alloy, with the addition of copper, nickel or zinc.