Fine Diamond Earrings

Achieve a chic and elegant look and add a touch of sparkle to any outfit with a pair of fine diamond earrings.

From stunning diamond studs to pretty hoops , as well as drop and dangle styles, everyone loves to own a pair of diamond earrings. A pair will make the ultimate gift for a birthday, Christmas, a special anniversary or even just to say thank you. Diamonds are also the perfect finishing touch for a wedding dress and because no diamond is the same, you are sure to feel special and unique on your big day.

Diamonds are the most sparkly of gemstones, but they are also hardy and long-lasting and if they are cleaned regularly they will dazzle for years to come. These jewels vary in size, colour and cut. Pink offers an alternative to the traditional white diamond colour and cuts include princess, round, marquise, pear, cushion and heart, amongst others. Round cuts are popular because they are considered to be the most brilliant and most sparkly, A princess cut is typically square or rectangular in shape and heart cut is a popular choice as it is the symbol of love.

A pair of diamond earrings can be set in platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or sterling silver. The diamonds are measured in carat weight. If a diamond is classed as being 0.50 it weighs half a carat and 0.75 is three-quarters of a carat.

A single diamond solitaire stud earring, set in white gold, rose gold or yellow gold gives an understated chic appearance, while diamond cluster earrings set in 18ct white gold will dazzle. A pair of diamond dangling earrings set in 14ct gold will ensure you stand out from the crowd, while a pair of hoops in white gold will have a timeless appeal.

Dangle or drop diamond earrings offer a choice of styles and designs. You can choose an elegant feather design set in sterling silver, a pretty floral design, or 1.9 carat diamonds set into a diamond shape. Studs can be simple single solitaires, a princess cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, or in a diamond cluster. Hoop earrings can be in a classic circular shape, or be found in other shapes such as a heart or star, with the hoop filled with diamonds.

Your choice of earrings can depend on how you like to fasten them. Earrings can have a butterfly back, a hook, lever back with a hinged lever to hold the hook in place or a snap closure which has a hinge to snap the earring into place.