Fine Gemstone Rings

Fine Gemstone Rings

Fine gemstone rings are elegant and sophisticated jewellery pieces that are ideal for everyday wear. The range includes a wide variety of coloured gemstones and complementary precious metals that can go with any outfit, casual or formal.

Different types of fine gemstone rings

Classic fine gemstone rings that have a solitaire stone typically have a tapered shank with claw setting.

Modern single stone gemstone rings are available in a range of gemstone options. Most designs feature an oversized stone with decorative detail in a choice of precious metals.

Vintage gemstone rings generally boast a stylish composition of different sized gemstones. The larger, centrepiece stone is flanked by two smaller side stones that are positioned along the shank.

Retro style fine gemstone rings often feature a cluster arrangement of stones. Typically a large faceted gemstone is surrounded with a cluster of complementary white diamonds. Blue sapphires, emeralds and rubies are popular gemstones for this style of traditional fine ring .

Unusual floral fine gemstone rings are available in a selection of styles and designs. Many 9K yellow gold vintage rings have a centrepiece diamond and 6 Marquise cut gemstones positioned all around. Pearl floral arrangements are also popular.

The classic wishbone design is a stylish fine gemstone ring that usually displays an alternating pattern. The distinctive shank shape is enhanced with white diamonds and gemstones.

Typical design features of classic fine gemstone rings

Eternity fine rings often feature claw set gemstones in an alternating arrangement. The traditional claw setting has a raised design that elevates the gemstones for maximum visual effect.

Many modern fine gemstone rings display a variety of classic claw set cut stones. Popular styles include Marquise, Pear and Princess cut stones.

Elegant cluster fine gemstone rings are a popular vintage and retro option. The dress ring usually boasts a cluster arrangement of 3, 4, 5 or more gemstones that are positioned along the shank, in a claw setting. Some rings show off a larger centrepiece stone, whilst other styles feature gemstones of the same size.

Stylish precious metal variations of fine gemstone rings

Many styles of traditional fine gemstone rings are made from 9K and 18K yellow gold. White gold fine gemstone rings are made from gold that contains white alloy, like silver or palladium. Rose gold is a variation of gold that is mixed with copper alloy to create its distinctive colour. Many vintage style fine gemstone rings are made from hallmarked sterling silver.