Fine Rings

Fine Rings

Ideal for everyday wear, fine rings have stunning style and great quality that will look just as great day after day. Fine metals are long-wearing and wont irritate the skin from sterling silver to platinum.

If you have sensitive skin, check out platinum rings, which are so pure that they are naturally hypoallergenic.

Types of Metal

Sterling silver is still one of the most popular precious metals. It is easier and cheaper to make jewellery out of, making it more affordable than other jewellery. A lot of trendy and designer brands make rings from sterling silver as they can make accessible styles to fit in with seasonal designs.

Gold is always a timeless material and comes in white, yellow and rose colours to suit any look. Higher carat gold is more valuable but as they are more malleable, they are not suitable for setting stones in. If youre looking for gold rings that have stones, search for no higher than 9 or 18 carat gold.

Platinum is strong and has a beautiful purity and colour. Because it is hard and resistance to tarnishing, it is perfect for everyday wear, which is why it is popular for engagement and wedding rings.

A more affordable alternative to platinum is palladium which is also strong and resistant and has seen rising popularity in recent years.


Choose unbranded jewellery for lower prices that can keep your jewellery collection fresh and versatile. Youll find simple sterling silver rings for just a few pounds.

There are many designer jewellery brands around that produce stunning rings that are reliable. The brands have their own codes that are stamped into the inner of the ring so if you need to check authenticity, just look inside.

If youre looking for a style that youll cherish and wear everyday then look at luxury jewellers.