Fire Bricks

Fire Brick Information and Use Purposes

A fire brick is created of refractory ceramic and used to line fireplaces, furnaces, fireboxes, flues, ovens, and kilns. Its the preferred material for structures that get extremely warm because it withstands intensely hot temperatures, and has a low thermal conductivity. You can find many fire brick options on eBay.

Do fire bricks retain heat?

Fire bricks will or will not retain heat depending on what the material is created to do. Low thermal bricks do not retain heat because low thermal material can withstand heat. As a result, the low thermal conductivity allows users to save energy because it wont get hot or retain heat. There are also high thermal bricks. This material is meant to build ovens such as fire brick pizza ovens. In comparison to low thermal fire bricks, high thermal bricks retain heat, even after the source of the fire has been extinguished. High thermal bricks can be hot to the touch as well.

How heavy are fire bricks?

Fire bricks are heavier than other types of brick materials. To do its job correctly, a fire brick shouldnt crumble at all and be quite dense. Therefore, all fire bricks should be inspected before use to ensure it doesnt have any deformities that could affect performance. Although the weight can vary from one brand to another, most bricks weigh about 4 lbs. Most bricks measure about 9 inches long and are a few inches thick. On eBay, there are a variety of sizes available for different purposes.

Will fire bricks melt in a house or structure fire?

In most situations, a fire brick will not melt in a house or structure fire. The reason is that bricks consist of non-flammable material, which means they wont catch fire, burn, or melt. When fire bricks become hot, no toxic gases will be released. In demolition situations, bricks can be reused or repurposed, even after structure fires because they are mostly unfazed by situations such as fires or extreme heat.

What materials are used to create fire bricks?

Fire bricks consist of a variety of materials. Although recipes for the material can vary from one brand to another, the essential recipe is the same. The main sources of material include high aluminium oxide, hydrated aluminium silicates, bauxite, kyanite, diaspore, and some silicas like quartzite and sand. The materials that create a solid solution include chromic oxide graphite and coke. The raw materials added to fire brick material mixes include:

  • Ceria
  • Zirconia
  • Thoria
  • Titania
  • Bervillia