Fish Food

Whether you have the common goldfish or a tropical aquarium, there is a huge range of foods available for your fish. Fish food comes in a variety of forms, from flakes, pellets and slow-release blocks, to suit different requirements for your fish and tank. Thinking about the type of fish food to feed your marine life can have an effect its lifespan and habitat. There are plenty of options available for nutritionally balanced formulas to food that can help improve the quality of water too.


Opting to feed your fish pellets is a popular fish food choice. Pellets encourage the natural eating behaviours of common fish and offer an easy and quick feeding solution. Pellets provide all the nutrition they need and are ideal for use in indoor tanks and outdoor fishponds.


Fish flakes are another popular feeding option for both cold water and tropical fish. They contain tons of nutritional value and can sometimes enhance the vibrancy of colour in certain fish. Flakes can be used in both indoor aquariums and outdoor fish ponds.

Freeze-dried Blocks and Cubes

Freeze dried fish food is another example of suitable and nutritional food options. These cubes can be broken into smaller chunks to suit the size of your fish. There are also a variety of sizes to suit tropical fish from larger breeds to fry and small fish.

Slow-release Food

If youre going on holiday or looking to enjoy a weekend break, there are a range of slow-release foods to make sure your fish have enough food whilst you are away. These slow-release formulas offer healthy nutrition from between a few days for up to 2 weeks. This handy food option also doesnt cloud water or affect the habitat so you can rest assured your fish are well fed during your travels.