Fishing Lighting

There's an enormous amount of choice when it comes to fishing lighting. Whether you need a submersible light, a simple head torch, or a lamp for your bivvy , you'll find just what you need for your next fishing trip.

As fishing often takes place at night, such as on any overnight trip, lighting is an essential consideration for any angler. From amateur fishermen to professionals, a good quality collection of lighting is going to make your fishing trip run a lot more smoothly and help you to feel more comfortable. Planning your lighting in advance will also help to ensure you definitely have everything you need.

Choosing the right fishing lighting

With so much choice it can be hard to know where to start. Consider these useful tips before you buy.

Headlamps are popular with many fishermen who are working in darker conditions, such as away from docks and any other lit up areas. Many also like the fact that baitfish can be drawn to these lights giving you a better chance of landing that catch you're looking for. Water resistant headlamps can also be useful, as can those with red LEDs that are less likely to disrupt your natural night vision.

There are many benefits to using glow sticks as a light source when fishing, not least the fact that they are relatively cheap, lightweight, don't need batteries and are waterproof. Lasting for many hours without the need for electricity, they are a handy addition to any collection of tackle for night fishing or low light conditions.

Many anglers also like to have a rod that's equipped with a light source, with small LED lights that can be clipped onto rods a popular choice. These tip lights are great for any kind of night fishing and come in various different colours and styles depending on your requirements.

Bivvy lighting is another essential piece of kit so you're not left in the dark on your next fishing trip. Many different items are available which are often favoured by anglers based on preference.

Whilst some prefer to use a simple lantern with either single use or rechargeable batteries, others may like to invest in more high tech lighting. More modern versions will include different lighting choices such as those featuring red, white and flashing options within the same lamp. Lamps with good battery life are essential but why not invest in one with a USB charger in case you get caught out.