Fishing Rod Rests and Pods

Fishing rod rests and pods have become an essential part of an anglers equipment, providing a firm base where the rod can be securely cradled. Whether you prefer to use bank sticks, buzz bars or tripods, your fishing rods will be nicely stable to allow you to fish with confidence.

Rests need to be strong enough to penetrate hard ground on the bank so that the rod can be held no matter the weather conditions. Depending on the number of rods you use, you may need more than one rest or pod. Look for models are lightweight, strong and adaptable to different environments.

Types of Fishing Rod Rests and Pods

Bank sticks provide great stability once in the ground and can be pointed directly at where you are fishing to enable the best chance of a bite. They are good value for money and are compact, making them easy to carry. Buzz bars allow you to have more than one rod on a bank stick where a central screw allows you to attach your rods between the buzzers.

Stake out bars provide more stability so you can attach more than one bank stick to the buzz bars. Rod pods are quick and easy to set up. They hold all your rods together on a hard surface and come in different sizes to suit your situation.

Brands such as Cygnet, Leeder or Fox Black Label among others are known for their quality fishing rod rests and pods.

Whether you have a large scooped rest, a ‘T- or ‘V-shaped one, one with cups or grips, the style you pick will be dependent on the angle you fish at. They tend to be made of plastic as it is gentler on the rod, but stainless steel ones, such as those from JAG, usually have padding to provide protection. Telescopic rests that can be opened to the required length are popular and there are some with adjustable heads.