Fitness Heart Rate Monitors

Fitness Heart Rate Monitors

Fitness heart rate monitors are a must have accessory for anyone who enjoys exercising regularly. They are small electronic devices that are worn on wrists, jewellery or attached to your clothing to allow you to track fitness and overall sports performance with ease and comfort.

Whether youre running, walking or playing sports, you are able to wear a fitness heart monitor and find out lots of different exercise performance indicators that are measured from your exercise activity. The options that are available all vary in different features and designs however they all offer a great exercise-tracking accessory, which is linked to improving your overall fitness motivation. The different features available heavily depend on the brand you opt for, with some of the popular brands being Fitbit , Garmin and Polar.

Heart Rate

The main use for these fitness heart rate monitors are to monitor your heart rate however most fitness monitors have lots of other important features too. The heart rate monitoring monitors your heart rate when resting, warming up and exercising at your full potential allowing you to know more scientific information about your body every time you exercise. The fitness monitors also display useful information including time, steps, distance, calories burnt and average heart rate.


Most fitness heart rate monitors have built in GPS, which uses coordinates to find your location at anytime. This allows you to gather location data of each run you go on or as a helpful feature if you get lost when out and about!

Track your Progress

Many of the heart monitors available allow you to track your progress through your smartphone or laptop by viewing and syncing your data online. You usually have a number of options. You can usually connect your heart rate fitness monitor into your computer and analyse all your data from there, whilst other monitors might have a corresponding smartphone app that allows you to store all your data and analyse it whilst on the go.

LCD Screen

All the fitness heart rate monitors that are on offer have an LCD screen, which makes it easy for you to view your exercise activity in real time. The LCD screen allows you to check the real time and time of exercise whilst youre running by simply raising your wrist and looking at the clear screen.

If youre a keen fitness person who enjoys walking, running or going to the gym and would be interested in monitoring their activity then these fitness heart rate monitors are perfect for you. They offer everything you need to know from your average heart rate to the amount of calories burnt and amount of steps taken in one day.