Floor/Standard Lamps

Floor/Standard Lamps

Floor lamps are popular lighting choices for many areas of the home and are commonly found in the lounge or sitting room area. These decorative yet functional items are available in a range of heights to suit your home ranging, from smaller scale 21cm-40cm models to those more than 100cm tall. Designs are made using a huge variety of different materials to suit your homes interior scheme and include ultra-modern lightweight styles in stainless steel and chrome to antique style or vintage and retro options crafted in traditional brass and wood.

Floor lamps will add light to a dimly lit corner and overall balance a rooms lighting. They have the added appeal that they can be moved around easily while adding height and decorative interest. Designs can be subtle or imposing and should be chosen to enhance your individual interior design scheme.

Reading Corner

Shabby chic style lamps with wooden bases and printed fabric shades will shed light into a dull corner, as will sleek retro style adjustable reading lamps. Dual purpose ‘mother and child floor standard lamps, or taller ‘father and child options, are also perfect for a reading corner. These metal styles have tall dimmable uplighters which spread warm light across a room with a branched smaller ‘spot style light attached. Such modern floor lamps are fitted with low energy bulbs which offer powerful illumination and are available with contemporary and antique metallic finishes.

Eye-Catching Styles

If you are looking for high impact lighting there are many ornate floor standard lamps available which will create an instant wow-factor to a room. Metal styles with smart pleated shades adorned with sparkling chandelier style crystal droplets will add a luxe feel. Other contemporary floor lamps are lighting sculptures creatively designed with metal branches, curved arms incorporating glass or crystal jewels to add interest to the lamp when lit.