Floor Industrial Paints

Industrial Floor Paint Use Guide

Industrial floor paint doesnt have to be drab. In fact, floor paint used in industrial areas can be decorative, seals floors, improves slip resistance, and wont show signs of wear with heavy usage or foot traffic. A wide variety of industrial floor paint options are available on eBay.

What industries make use of industrial floor paint?

Industrial floor paint is made with specialised, pigmented powders or liquids that are used to beautify or protect substrate materials. The floor paint is used in a variety of industries to help keep workers safe and reduce the risk of damage to the flooring. It can also improve a warehouse, factory, or other industrial areas overall appeal. Industries where this type of paint is used include:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive garages, warehouses, and showrooms
  • Construction sites
  • Architectural warehouses
  • Aerospace hangars
Should floors be primed before applying industrial floor paint?

Yes, floors should be primed before industrial paint is applied. When floors are primed properly, painters can accomplish an even coat of paint that looks clean when painted. If the floor is bare concrete or other substrate material, a single layer of primer should do. If the floor has previously been painted, it may be necessary to apply at least two layers of primer. The primer will dry in a few hours, but its recommended that the floor paint isnt applied until at least eight hours after the primer was applied.

What industrial paint should be applied to concrete flooring?

Most industrial floor paints are made of acrylic or epoxy. When it comes to painting a concrete floor, epoxy paint is a better choice. Epoxy resin paint decreases the slipperiness of a floor and it holds up well under heavy usage. As a bonus, the flooring is much easier to clean compared to other types of floor paint.

Can industrial floor paint be tinted to match decor?

Yes, industrial floor paint can be tinted to match decor. Most industrial floor paint manufacturers offer paint in the standard colours of solid black, tan, grey, white, and clear. Some manufacturers offer a variety of colours from light to dark and you can add chips to the paint to create a unique look. For instance, when painting a warehouse showroom, you can select solid black as a base colour and add coloured chips to create a unique look. Not only will the detailed flooring grab the attention of anyone that enters, but it also decreases noticeable dirt.