Folding mobility scooters to help you get around

Folding mobility scooters are a great way to get around for those that are less able. The beauty of this design is that it can be easily stored away and taken in a car due to its unique folding features. There is a host of folding scooters available from top brands including Drive, Pronto, Roma, TGA plus many others in new, used and refurbished condition to suit a range of budgets and needs. 

Easy portability

The selection of mobility scooters available has been designed to make getting around as simple as possible. Most models have lightweight alloy frames that are easy to store and fold away, and many provide a carry handle to make moving it around a breeze. This portability means you can get it into the back of a car with ease, and store it away in a cupboard to ensure you keep it safe and your living space tidy. 

Innovative designs

Just like standard mobility scooters, folding models also have handy features to ensure you can use them in both daytime and low-light situations. They have ample lights so that the user is seen, plus the battery life enables long use before having to be fully charged. The seating is very similar to other models and provides a supportive aid to give the user a comfortable ride on their travels. 

Mobility scooter accessories

Many folding mobility scooters have limited accessories due to their compact design but you can choose extras to add onto your model. There is a selection of waterproof and lightweight covers to give you the freedom of going out in all weathers, plus mobility scooter storage covers to protect the components and condition when it is not in use. There is also the option of bags and baskets for your shopping.