Ford Fiesta Carpets & Floor Mats

Ford Fiesta carpets and floor mats

Ford Fiesta carpets and floor mats work to keep the interior of your beloved car clean by catching all the dust, dirt and stones that make their way into your car. These helpful Ford Fiesta furnishings are perfect for families with young kids as they collect dirt that can then be disposed of by simply shaking the mats outside the car. Youll find the perfect car floor mats for your car right here on eBay. 

Fabric Ford Fiesta carpets and floor mats

Youll find fabric Ford Fiesta carpets and floor mats to match your specific model, making your car feel brand new again. 

A set of genuine Ford floor mats for the Ford Fiesta from 2011 onwards fit the footwells of your car perfectly. Two larger mats sit in the front, whilst two smaller ones are for rear passengers feet. The drivers mat features two clips to keep it in place, white Fiesta branding and a padded area to the top for resting the pedals. 

Get yourself a set of mats designed for the Ford Fiesta MK6 from 2001-2008 in a deep grey colour with two rear and two front mats. 

Add a pop of colour to the interior of your car with a set of black mats with a bright blue trim. Use these to match a metallic blue exterior for a unified look. Or, go for a set of mats with a right red trim for a sporty touch of style. 

Rubber Ford Fiesta floor mats

Rubber Ford Fiesta floor mats are easier to clean than their fabric counterparts. In case of a spillage, simply rub clean with a wet cloth. Theyre also easier to get rid of dust as nothing gets stuck anywhere. Choose two front rubber mats for the MK7 Fiesta with grip for added traction.